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Our Full Suite of Services

PartnersAdmin LLC offers a wide range of services tailored to fit your needs, giving you a scalable and cost effective option to increase operational efficiency. Our core services begin with a fully integrated technology platform, providing a seamless integration of portfolio, partnership, and investor accounting.

Hedge Funds
Administration services provided to hedge funds of all sizes and complexities.

Private Equity & Real Estate Funds
Our private equity and real estate service model is tailored for each client’s investing approach and unique core business.

Venture Capital Funds
Assist venture capital funds in building a strong financial and operational foundation. We also provide outsourced CFO Services to clients looking to utilize our in-depth knowledge and experience in the financial management of VC funds.

Family Offices
We provide personalized family office support through management of administrative matters, coordination of private accounts, and providing quality accounting and reporting services. Our firm provides a single, integrated investment and accounting platform to best equip family offices in addressing challenges.

Separately Managed Accounts
Administration services available for Separately Managed Accounts, which have quickly become a critical component for both experienced and emerging managers alike.

Start-up Fund Services
Committed operational support to emerging managers from start to finish.

Fund Accounting

Portfolio Accounting is the first step. Our all-encompassing knowledge of profit and loss implications ensures unrivaled accuracy and precision in every movement and calculation.

Partnership Accounting corresponds to our diligent tracking and reporting of all income and expenses, various account structures, full general ledger, and financial statements.

Investor Accounting completes the equation, as our services range from performing income and expense allocations to management and incentive fee calculations.

Portfolio Accounting

  • Track and value fund investments with multiple prime brokers and custodians
  • Upload and reconcile transactions
  • Account for multiple portfolios and multiple currencies
  • Record corporate actions (e.g. dividends, stock splits, mergers, etc.)
  • Automated generation of period realized and unrealized gain/loss
  • Maintain tax lots, gain characterization
  • Automated analysis of wash sales
  • Maintain global security master
  • Provide customizable portfolio reports (e.g. open positions, tax lots, realized gains, etc.)

Partnership Accounting

  • Account for multiple fund structures (e.g. stand alone, side by side, and master feeder)
  • Maintain integrated partnership and portfolio sub-ledgers
  • Maintain accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed asset accounts
  • Provide journal transparency and full audit trail
  • Calculate estimated taxable income
  • Provide full financial statements

Investor Accounting

  • Perform investor book and tax account allocations
  • Maintain high water marks and hurdle rates
  • Calculate management and performance fees
  • Provide PFIC reporting documentation and K-1 data
  • Calculate investor NAV’s
  • Perform side pocket and new issue allocations
  • Maintain audit trail of historical activity
  • Prepare statements of account and investor specific balance sheets and income statements

Fund Administration

Fund Administration services are vital to the health of your fund. Understanding the importance of investor relations can determine the future breadth of your investor base. PartnersAdmin LLC offers full service fund administration, relieving managers of the daily operational details that consume time and resources.

Our vast experience, uncompromising attention to detail, and focus on impeccable service makes PartnersAdmin LLC the perfect solution to your fund administration needs.

  • Deliver and track fund offering documents
  • Process subscriptions and redemptions
  • Maintain investor accounts and contact databases
  • Distribute investor statements and other documents (e.g. performance letters, annual audits, K-1s, etc.)
  • Calculate and distribute fund performance and statistical data to authorized and interested parties
  • Perform share equalization and roll-up calculations
  • Perform Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  • Calculate and monitor ERISA percentages
  • Provide investor relations and client service
  • Assist with Start up marketing presentations
  • Assist with regulatory filings

Private Equity and Real Estate Fund Services

PartnersAdmin LLC is uniquely qualified to service Private Equity Funds. As a full service administrator, we provide a solid infrastructure capable of handling the most complex operations with various allocation and liquidity requirements. Our consolidated reports system is an integral part of your fund’s service package, which includes:

  • Preparation of detailed journal entries, financial reports, capital accounts, capital calls, distributions, interest calculations and allocations, and incentive fee structures
  • Full reconciliation of cash accounts and automatic reconciliation of financial statements to general ledger
  • Automated repository of side letters, term sheet, and side pocket allocations for full audit trail
  • Ability to understand and manage capital calls, side letters, SMAs, distributions, etc.
  • Quarterly tax estimate and fiscal year audit packages available direct to auditors for streamlined communication
  • Web access
  • Our team possesses the required specialized knowledge and experience unique to these fund structures

Start-Up Solutions

PartnersAdmin LLC is committed to the needs of start-up managers. We offer guidance and direction in the entire process of fund structuring, asset management, asset accumulation, and audit, and we can provide introductions through a wide range of professional relationships in various areas of specialization via our extensive network.

Given the spectrum of considerations when selecting a fund administrator, PartnersAdmin LLC offers a complete solution. An ideal partner for start-up funds, PartnersAdmin LLC is knowledgeable in multiple asset classes and various fund structures, and we strategically leverage all of our relationships in order to support our clients. We assist you with:

  • Establishing relationships with professional service providers (e.g. attorneys, prime brokers, custodians, auditors)
  • Creating cost effective solutions
  • Employing the appropriate fund and fee structures
  • Reviewing offering memoranda and other disclosure documents in conjunction with your counsel
  • Managing applicable regulatory filings
  • Assistance in effectively managing back office operations
  • Deliver sophisticated technology and services to facilitate growth and efficiently build scale
  • Our process and procedures provide flexible options, customized support, and unmatched client service

Other Services

Separately Managed Accounts have become increasingly prevalent as a sophisticated, alternative strategy. Thus, many hedge funds and Private Equity funds have included the availability of SMAs to their clients. We have a highly customizable reporting package for SMA accounts that include cost basis accounting and performance reporting.

Risk Reporting is a value-added service that PartnersAdmin LLC offers as a means of supplying clients with unprecedented multi-asset, multi-currency risk analysis. We generate robust risk reports and perform dynamic exposure simulations, helping managers meet both investor and internal requirements for risk control, and instantly adding a broad spectrum of risk calculations to a fund’s reporting framework.

Audit and Tax matters are taken care of with ease as PartnersAdmin LLC works with your fund’s auditors and tax professionals to provide accurate and timely information for the year-end process. This function includes:

  • Preparation of financial statements and related notes
  • Financial highlights
  • Schedule of investments
  • Unrealized roll-forwards
  • Coordination of audit schedule
  • Tax allocations
  • PFIC and K-1 reporting data

Offshore Servicing offered by PartnersAdmin LLC assures managers of trusted third parties relationships; we arrange to provide services in the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Guernsey. Services include:

  • Registered office and share transfer agent
  • Corporate secretarial
  • Director services
  • Regulatory filing services